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Best bicycle tune-up service in Rockville, MD

Save with our discounts on bike repairs, tune-ups, and more.

Show us one of the following specials and you will receive the special website price.

20 points safety check   FREE!

Inspect stem, handlebar, crank, brakes, shift lever, seat, seatpost, pedals, quick release skewers, bolts, cables, chain, and tires.

  • Wipe down frame.

  • Front and rear derailleur adjustments.

  • Front and rear brake adjustments.

  • Headset adjustment.

  • Spot true wheels.

  • Cleaning and lube chain.

  • Safety check.

  • Inflate tires.

  • 3 months warranty.

*Parts not included

Annual Full Tune-up $155

E-bikes $165

(Recommend it every year or every 1,000 miles)

  • Removal and ultrasonic deep cleaning of the drivetrain.

  • Advance wheel truing. (true & tension)

  • Hub adjustment.

  • Headset adjustment.

  • Bottom Bracket Adjustment.

  • Front and rear derailleur adjustment.

  • Front and rear brake adjustments.

  • Cables and pivots lubrication.

  • New tires installation. (tires not included)

  • Bike wash detailing

  • Includes labor of installing new drivetrain.

  • 6 months warranty.

*Small parts included

-Major parts not included

Elite Overhaul $280

E-bikes $300

(Recommend it every 2 years or every 3,000 miles)

  • Complete disassembly of your bike, and remove all components.

  • Deep cleaning and re-lube of all components.

  • Flush and replace hydraulic fluids

  • Replace and re-routing new cables and housing.

  • Re-greasing and packing bearings and replacing small parts

  • Bike wash detailing

  • Reassemble bicycle back to new feel.

  • Includes labor of installing new parts.

  • New fresh bar tape/grips

  • 1 year warranty.

*Small parts included

*Major parts not included

Seasonal Tune-up $95

E-bikes $105

(Just the basics, for now. Next time consider a full tune-up)

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