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This plan was created with our best customers in mind, to give them back in return peace of mind and save them some money in preventive maintenance to their bikes, with the idea to avoid future costly repairs.

A well-maintained bike not only works better but also looks better and keeps its value longer.


You can buy our preventive annual plan within 4 months after your last full tune-up, a complete overhaul, or any bike or e-bike purchase. 

Plan Includes a full year of labor, including adjustments, cleaning, maintenance, and instaling replacements parts (parts not included)

Any time

  • Adjust brakes and derailleurs

  • Inspect frame and cables

  • Drivetrain lubrication

  • Adjust headset, hubs and bottom bracket

  • Tubes replacement

  • Check proper torque of all bolts and tighten


1 Service per year

  • Brake pads replacement 

  • Inspect and true wheels

  • New tires Installation (tires not included)

2 Services per year

  • Clean, degrease and lube drivetrain

  • Bike wash detailing

Annual Plan


  • Parts not included.

  • Tubes and tires not included

  • All service must be scheduled. 

  • Any electric part as motor or battery are not included.

  • This is not a insurance! bikes involved in accidents, abuse or vandalism are not covered.

  • We reserve the right to refuse to offer this service to anyone or any bicycle for any reason. 

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