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Flat tire repairs and prevention

Getting a flat can be a nightmare, especially if you are riding far from home.

Take always with you a replacement tube or a repair patch kit as not always will be a bike shop nearby, but here are some options to reduce drastically the chances of getting a flat.

no puncture.jpg

Thorn-resistant tubes: these tubes are much thicker than regular tubes and the major advantage is that you get fewer punctures $20 per tube + Service

Tube Sealant: We inject a sealant solution on your inner tubes, in the case of a small puncture or cut, the sealant quickly fills the leak and creates a plug. $20 per tire.

Go Tubeless: No tube meaning reduce the risk of puncturing, less weight, better performance, Many punctures will self seal.


Tire Inserts: Virtually Eliminates Flats
Tannus Armour wraps around your tube. With up to 15mm of protection, sharp objects can't penetrate your inner tube.

Solid Tires: Forget about flats!

Good for 3,000 miles


Use existing rims or order a complete wheelset 


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